Reacting to email campaign results!

So you’ve followed all of our latest tips and advice, you’ve sent out an email campaign! That’s all well and good but don’t forget the most important part… you need to follow up the results of the campaign otherwise it would have been totally useless sending out an email.

After each campaign walk through the following steps:

1)    Measure your results to see whether you achieved the objectives you established.

2)    Compare current results with the results of previous campaigns to check for patterns or trends.

3)    Depending on what email tool you use you may have to clean your list of all hard bounce addresses and maintain a clean list – which will save you time next time you send an email out.

4)    Make a list of what you learnt from the email campaign, i.e. was it the wrong day to send it out? The wrong time? Then next time you send an email out you’ll be able to try another day which in result may gain you more opens and responses.

5)    Find out who opened your emails and who responded, with most email tools you can download an Excel spread sheet and it’ll note down all the emails that opened your email. Once you have this you can start calling these people to ask further questions regarding the email…which will then hopefully lead to customers!

It’s simple! 5 steps to becoming even more successful in email marketing!

That’s it from me,


We’ve been busy this January at PurpleFox!

This January and February is about success and we feel at PurpleFox that our strategy, design and build of websites will and does bring success among many of our clients. We have designed and built websites for clients from a start-up business background to a corporate company update.

Our three most recent client’s include a Contamination Control System company AsepTech, an IT Consultancy company People Essentials and last but certainly not least a CRM Specialist company Dybero.

When creating, designing and building their perfect website and brand we look to make sure we encompass their message in every possible way enabling their work and achievements to shine to their fullest potential.

Our first client was People Essentials. Michelle Bailey, Director of People Essentials approached PurpleFox in November 2013 and asked us to help create a new brand identity and website design to help the organisation acquire new business. PurpleFox commenced by talking to Michelle and her team to understand the brand values, business, proposition, target audience and the value the service brings to IT organisations. Basically we were taught how to be the experts, allowing us to create work to fit the every need of this company. We decided to create a new brand identity and a new website design with a WordPress CMS (content management system) this gave People Essentials the ability to make quick and easy changes to content allowing them to add their unique touch. We then fully search engine optimised the website to ensure it was easily found in search engines allowing it to attract new customer opportunities.

Take a look at the website below to see the transformation! (or click it to visit the website)

Our second client was Dybero. Ben Lewis, Director of Dybero approached PurpleFox in November 2013 with the problem that their brand did not show their Microsoft Dynamics CRM skills and expertise. PurpleFox started by talking to Dybero to understand the brand values, business, proposition, target audience and the value the service brings to customers which we do with all our clients before we start the design process enabling us to understand their needs from a more personal view.  We decided to design a new brand identity including a colour scheme which reflected its core offering – Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We produced a new website design with a WordPress CMS (content management system) that gives Dybero the ability to make quick and easy changes to content allowing them to add their unique touch.  We fully search engine optimised the website to ensure it was easily found in search engines allowing it to attract new customer opportunities.

Take a look at the website below to see the transformation!


Our third client was AsepTech. Mark Cosh, Director of AsepTech approached PurpleFox at the beginning of December 2013 looking for help in creating a new branding and online presence. As AsepTech are the market leader they were looking for a new brand identity that reflected their position within the pharmaceutical contamination control industry.  AsepTech have very important brand values: efficiency, integrity, high standards and working to strict compliance rules and this needed to be reflected within the website. So when designing we kept designs clean, crisp, minimal and modern to tie in with their brand values.

PurpleFox designed the brand and new website, fully search engine optimised, within 8 weeks; we also set-up a social media strategy which included Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Take a look at their website below to see the results!


Do you need a brand, new website or social media strategy? Then look no further than PurpleFox! We can complete that all for you within 8 weeks! So give us a call today to see how we can help your business: 01635 48844

Planning your Email Campaign

Email Campaigns not going according to plan? Have no idea what you should be doing? We are going to talk you through 5 easy to follow steps on how to plan your email campaign successfully.  

1. Establish a budget.

It is important to establish a budget for the campaign and also formulate the return on investment you expect from this investment.

2. Develop an interesting subject line.

Remember what we discussed in previous posts about how important the subject lines are? If not remember it’s the first thing your customers see, so be creative.

3. Focus on the creative and design.

Make sure you use an appealing creative based on the theme and write effective content. Attention spans for emails are limited and you need to make the design appealing so that customers read the message.

4. Test your campaign.

Testing is an essential element that unfortunately many skip in a rush to launch a campaign. Test subject lines, from addresses and layout. (There are more, but those are the most important)

5. Execute your campaign.

Time of day and day of the week are important aspects of your email marketing. Select a relevant time for your campaign launch based on the locations of the recipients.  Obviously a Monday morning isn’t always a good day to get people’s attention!

Take a look at our latest campaign below and let us know if you think we were successful!


The 5 things you could be doing wrong on social media

Social media, it’s a funny thing, and I can assure you not one of us are doing it perfectly. So here are 5 most common things people get wrong, from celebrities to award winning marketing agencies.

1) Broadcasting over and over again. If you’re a marketing agency then it’s hard not to use social media as your broadcasting tool. Of course social media is a broadcasting tool but it is also a conversation starter. Every social media network has some elements of feedback so do not tire your audience by constantly broadcasting your latest deals and boring business lingo, focus on interaction because you may be talking to your next client.

2) Not responding to interaction. The purpose of social media is to communicate straight away, in real time, it’s not like sending a letter well it shouldn’t be anyway. However many reports show that up to 70% of brands are ignoring fan comments (if they ever do decide to reply it takes at least 24 hours – could’ve sent a letter really).

3) Forgetting to tweet, post and update. Many companies we have experienced jump at the idea of joining the social media world with their sparkly new Facebook page or Twitter. They’re posting everyday with new and exciting news…a couple of weeks later and the company are down to tweeting at least once a week which has turned their sparkly page into more of a ghost town. So get a content strategy in place, it’s better to have occasional boring tweets or posts than none at all.

4) Letting it take up all of your time. Many companies think social media is like looking after a baby constantly having to tweet/post and look after it… however many companies forget about management applications like Hootsuite and TweetDeck these will help you organise tweets and schedule them for times when you have more important stuff to do.

5) Expecting results straight away. Do not expect immediate results. Twitter, Facebook etc requires consistency and hard work (which can be cheated – as we know, thanks Hootsuite). More posts and interaction lead to more followers which makes your business known which will soon enough create results.

That’s if from me,


The 5 benefits of winning a business award

What are the benefits of awards? There are lots, even for you small businesses!

So here are a few points on the benefits of applying for that next award, because you never know you might just win!

  1. You’re being recognised for your achievements – which makes you and your company feel good.
  2. You’ve stood out from the rest; you’re unique which makes you stand out from the rest of the companies out there saying “Yes we are the best at what we do!”.
  3. A certain award can benefit you; if it’s a typically a prestigious award then you’ll certainly impress customers and potential business partners.
  4. You can showcase your achievement(s) on your website or on email banners such as “2013 Business Award Winner” etc which will certainly make you look more professional and successful compared to a company without one.
  5. People that go to the dinner will remember you as the winning company, your name will be recognised upon the industry and potential clients.

That’s just a few reasons why you should enter you and your company for an award… because even if you don’t win you’re still getting recognition for coming 2nd or 3rd or 4th … and anyway you can apply to as many awards as you like, so you’re bound to win eventually, which will also help you and your company understand what you need to do to be the best!

Amazing deal on Website, Brand Logo & SEO

Check out our latest offer at Purplefox:

At PurpleFox we work with many SMEs that are looking to take their company to the next level and attract new and larger customers.  Most companies first website and brand normally consists of a ‘free do-it-yourself’ website and or they use a low cost freelancer who comes up with something templated and looks the same as everybody else with stock imagery.  The website is very basic, a brochure website and 9 times out of 10 doesn’t reflect what the company sales, who’s the target audience and what do you want them to do.  It doesn’t rank on search engines, doesn’t have any call to actions and it shouts small one-man band company – not sure if they can be trusted!

At PurpleFox we bring brands to life in an engaging and memorable way, we make sure of the billions of pages viewed across the web every day that our client’s pages are being seen, and we make it easier for our client’s customers to buy.  If you’re looking at your website and thinking it could be better or perhaps it’s not producing the results you expected then give us a call.  We can certainly discuss your needs and make some great recommendations on how you could be increasing your business.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today on 01635 48844


Top 5 ways to make your businesses website successful

Creating a website for your new business can be very daunting but then again creating a website for anything is daunting. People may hate what you like and you may hate what other people like. It’s a vicious circle so you’ve got to get it just right, especially when it comes to marketing.

These 5 pointers should help you create a website that you and everyone loves, it’s not as hard as it sounds, keep it simple!


1. Content is key. Relevant content and lots of it has proven successful, you can never have too much. Because let’s be honest no-one wants to visit a boring website which doesn’t help them understand you and your company, so offer them interesting and informative information that relates to your services or products. I don’t mean just write endless pages of writing about your dog.


2. Keep it up to date, fresh. Content is great as we’ve expressed above, but content from years ago… not so! Update it at least every week; you could update about the latest news or a new blog post anything relevant as long as it’s up to date and fresh!


3. Organise your website and structure it accordingly. If you want to know where the company is based create a header for “Find us”, if you want to know what they offer to you as a customer create a header for “Services”. It’s pretty simple, treat it as if you’re visiting a website and wanting to gain information what would you look under…


4. Style is very important, it creates your companies image to a possible customer. But when I say that I don’t mean add loads of flashing images and rainbow colours everywhere.  Keep it to your businesses colours, such as ours at PurpleFox which is purple and don’t forget to keep it simple and crisp it looks more professional!


5. Similar to style, is images. If you’re selling a product then professional looking photography is key.  No-one can look good with amateur looking images not even a multi-million pound company! But if you’re not selling anything then keep them relevant and professional.  Images of the brands you’re working with etc.


But that’s it from me. If you need any more help with creating your website or think that it’s all just too daunting we can create success proven websites for you. Give us a call today on 01635 48844 for a friendly chat or visit our website to see what else we offer