Social Media in Recruitment

We recently completed a survey on all the independent recruitment agencies in West Berkshire to find out whether they use Social Media on their website or not. The results were very surprising as it showed that only 38% of recruitment agencies in West Berkshire have social media links their websites!

Recent statistics show “86% of organisations stated that social media is important for their business and 89% of organisations stated that increased exposure was the number one benefit of Social Media.”

So why aren’t the local recruitment agencies using Social Media? Are people looking for jobs on Social Media?

Social Media has all kinds of benefits, it increases your exposure to the world (and candidates!), it increases traffic to your site (more applicants!), it improves search rankings (making you stand out from those pesky competitors!), it’s free (who doesn’t love free things!), it increases trust from potential candidates and company’s (meaning your agency will thrive compared to others) and lastly it creates a personality (which is what candidates want to see, they want to know that helpful friendly recruitment consultants are waiting to help them).

Don’t you think they should be? We do! Check out our latest case study on Dovetail HRS the recruitment agency in Newbury we helped transform with unique branding and a whole new website (including social media!).


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Can discounting put ‘your customer’s loyalty at risk’?

We answer a latest discussion on the marketing magazine website.

Yes and no, depending on your business, the customer and whether or not you’re offering a discount or a loyalty scheme.

Many people love a good discount or loyalty scheme and at the moment Waitrose are doing a good job on the loyalty scheme front. Every time you visit a Waitrose you can get a free hot drink, but not just any hot drink, tea, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos…! This entices people to come in and have a drink, but while walking to the Café you might suddenly see something you need and buy it, or, it might encourage people to visit for just the odd item…knowing that they will be able to have a drink too will certainly make them want to visit.

However if you are a marketing agency offering discounts you want loyal customers, who like Waitrose customers will come back for your services again and again. Many businesses believe discounting prices will get them more business and money…however, it only really creates loyalty for those looking for low prices. Which means in turn many of these customers won’t stay with you if they can go to another company and get a better deal at a lower price. Basically, customers are loyal to the price and not your company. The key to real loyalty is more than a low price or fantastic product; it takes an attention to customer service. The companies that are customer focused who build a relationship rather than a quick price have loyal customers that are less focused on the price and more focused about the results you can bring them.

Many companies believe the fundamentals of ‘old fashioned discounts’ are dying out. Such as back in the early days of retail the local grocer knew their customer liked strawberries in the summer, so offered them at a discount. The local baker knew when it was their customer’s birthday, and gave them a free cake on the day to celebrate. But instead now people want to save as much as they can and won’t mind switching to another grocer or marketing agency, as so many companies are offering cheaper short-term prices, discounts or loyalty schemes.

But really the companies are no more loyal than the customers are. It’s and in and out job, get the customer in with grabbing discounts, use the discount, and then you’ll never see them again. Rather than building a relationship like companies used to do.

All in all, discounts will kill your business no matter what line of work you are in, because once a discount is over the customer will go to the next shop looking for that knockout deal. Whereas loyalty schemes… the answers in the name, will keep customers using you as it’s an on-going process. But the all-important point is customer relationships, which drives them to continue coming back and with all these discounts floating about it’s at risk of being lost.

That’s all from me, watch this space for more discussions on latest trends and in the news topics.


Animated GIFS in Email Marketing


As you know many email marketers are always trying to improve their email campaigns – through use of copy, design and eye catching images. They are always on the lookout for something unique to set them apart from the rest of the drab emails in their recipient inboxes.

Many of them are finding that adding that extra touch of interactivity and personalisation is just the thing to increase engagement in their email campaigns. And to help them achieve that interactivity and personalisation is animated GIFS!

In this blog we are going to talk you through the strengths and weaknesses of using GIFS in your next email campaign:-

First of all, what actually is a GIF if you don’t know already?

A GIF which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is an image format that rapidly displays a series of images to produce the illusion of motion. Like a little video image!

So what are the strengths to using GIFS in your email campaigns?

  • Using a GIF adds an element of delight to a campaign that isn’t normally possible with static email designs with lumps of copy.
  • GIFS can showcase new products and entice readers to click through with relevant call to actions. Such as a gift that is shaking to be opened with “Unwrap me” which will then entice readers to click through.
  • You can create helpful tutorial GIFS that will effectively work as a miniature ‘explainer’ video, rather than longwinded wordy explanations that could confuse your customers.
  • But even if you don’t provide full GIF tutorials, animated GIFS can help explain and illustrate many complex concepts that may not be as understandable in text form.

But there are always drawbacks to such fantastic inventions:-

  • The main definitive drawback is not every email provider supports animated GIFS L we’ve found newer versions of Outlook will not show the animation GIFS. Instead it will only show the first frame of the animation GIF…which may not be the strongest or most relevant frame in your GIF which could consequently ruin your email campaign.
  • GIFS are also known to have excessive file sizes which could affect your spam rating on email broadcast systems and effect loading times on your GIFS – especially on mobile devices. They may even get blocked for being too large… which could make your hard worked GIF totally useless.
  • Customers will get bored of seeing the same things, so use your GIFS sparingly. As mentioned above GIFS add an element of delight to your emails and if they are receiving them every week the delight will soon fizzle away… and your unsubscribe data will shoot through the roof!

The next step is deciding on whether you want to include GIFS in your next email campaign, so watch this space as we are going to talk you through how to create these exciting GIFS in our next blog post!

But in the meantime if you need any help with revamping the effectiveness of your email marketing… give us a call on 01635 48844, we don’t bite! Or alternatively email us at