Social Media in Recruitment

We recently completed a survey on all the independent recruitment agencies in West Berkshire to find out whether they use Social Media on their website or not. The results were very surprising as it showed that only 38% of recruitment agencies in West Berkshire have social media links their websites!

Recent statistics show “86% of organisations stated that social media is important for their business and 89% of organisations stated that increased exposure was the number one benefit of Social Media.”

So why aren’t the local recruitment agencies using Social Media? Are people looking for jobs on Social Media?

Social Media has all kinds of benefits, it increases your exposure to the world (and candidates!), it increases traffic to your site (more applicants!), it improves search rankings (making you stand out from those pesky competitors!), it’s free (who doesn’t love free things!), it increases trust from potential candidates and company’s (meaning your agency will thrive compared to others) and lastly it creates a personality (which is what candidates want to see, they want to know that helpful friendly recruitment consultants are waiting to help them).

Don’t you think they should be? We do! Check out our latest case study on Dovetail HRS the recruitment agency in Newbury we helped transform with unique branding and a whole new website (including social media!).


For the full case study email us at or give us a call on 01635 48844.

Expect the PurpleFox experts to give you a call shortly recruitment agencies!


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