The top 5 Email Marketing mistakes

Email Marketing, its easy right? You just write in what you want, put some pretty pictures in and send it to everyone…?

Wrong, Email Marketing has rules like many things. First off you need to write relevant copy that links to the topic of the email, you cannot use too many pictures otherwise your email will fall right into the spam folder and also you cannot send your email to just everyone and anyone you want…. email recipients have to confirm they want to receive emails from you, otherwise you’re breaking the law!

I am going to talk you through a few email marketing blunders people face when sending out email campaigns:

  1. First of all the most important part to sending out an email… data. Is your database clean? Is it up to date? Are you receiving hard bounces? If so, your data needs cleaning out of all the wrong emails and old emails because if you don’t have up to date data your whole email campaign will fall apart.
  2. Excessive punctuation, it’s QUITE FRANKLY SCARY!!!!? Isn’t it? We don’t want your audience misinterpreting what you actually mean so try not to overemphasise things like your headlines, subject lines and other text elements, especially if you’re sending out a sales email.
  3. Long emails that never seem to end, basically a Willy Wonka never ending email. Nobody likes to read for a long time and many statistics show that on average people look at one email for about 1 minute, if your email is 4 pages long to the trash bin it goes! Keep it short, simple and concise.
  4. “Latest News.” Would you open an email with that subject line? I certainly wouldn’t so busy business people are certainly not going to. Subject lines should excite your audience into opening the email!
  5. Images and text here there and everywhere really isn’t what your audience wants to see or be bothered to see. Having a cluttered layout shines an unprofessional and unorganised light on your company, so having a nice organised layout that is easy to scan is a much better way of doing it.

That’s just a few tips to get you started on creating your perfect email campaign. Watch this space for more advice, tips, and news!

If you have all of those tips under your belt and feel like you need to start sending out emails, check out our latest email marketing credits sale deal here.



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