The content you need to include in your emails

When it comes to emailing it’s not as simple as you may think. When sending emails you need to remember that the CAN-SPAM act requires you to include certain content in your emails, otherwise they will be classed as spam and no one wants that! The requirements include:

1. Provide a way for your subscribers to opt-out of receiving future emails. If they unsubscribe you had to do this within 10 days.

2. Make sure that your email includes your physical, actual address.

3. Make sure that your email header information is clearly identifying your business and does not mislead your audience in anyway.

4. Make sure that your email subject line isn’t misleading. Do not use it to trick your audience.

Feel like you’ve got them 4 requirements under your belt? Well if so you’re ready to send out them emails in the correct way without having to worry about CAN-SPAM.

If you need any more help regarding Email Marketing do not hesitate to give us a free call today on 01635 48844 and we’ll have you sending out prefect emails in no time!

That’s it from me, Katie


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