Reacting to email campaign results!

So you’ve followed all of our latest tips and advice, you’ve sent out an email campaign! That’s all well and good but don’t forget the most important part… you need to follow up the results of the campaign otherwise it would have been totally useless sending out an email.

After each campaign walk through the following steps:

1)    Measure your results to see whether you achieved the objectives you established.

2)    Compare current results with the results of previous campaigns to check for patterns or trends.

3)    Depending on what email tool you use you may have to clean your list of all hard bounce addresses and maintain a clean list – which will save you time next time you send an email out.

4)    Make a list of what you learnt from the email campaign, i.e. was it the wrong day to send it out? The wrong time? Then next time you send an email out you’ll be able to try another day which in result may gain you more opens and responses.

5)    Find out who opened your emails and who responded, with most email tools you can download an Excel spread sheet and it’ll note down all the emails that opened your email. Once you have this you can start calling these people to ask further questions regarding the email…which will then hopefully lead to customers!

It’s simple! 5 steps to becoming even more successful in email marketing!

That’s it from me,



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