Planning your Email Campaign

Email Campaigns not going according to plan? Have no idea what you should be doing? We are going to talk you through 5 easy to follow steps on how to plan your email campaign successfully.  

1. Establish a budget.

It is important to establish a budget for the campaign and also formulate the return on investment you expect from this investment.

2. Develop an interesting subject line.

Remember what we discussed in previous posts about how important the subject lines are? If not remember it’s the first thing your customers see, so be creative.

3. Focus on the creative and design.

Make sure you use an appealing creative based on the theme and write effective content. Attention spans for emails are limited and you need to make the design appealing so that customers read the message.

4. Test your campaign.

Testing is an essential element that unfortunately many skip in a rush to launch a campaign. Test subject lines, from addresses and layout. (There are more, but those are the most important)

5. Execute your campaign.

Time of day and day of the week are important aspects of your email marketing. Select a relevant time for your campaign launch based on the locations of the recipients.  Obviously a Monday morning isn’t always a good day to get people’s attention!

Take a look at our latest campaign below and let us know if you think we were successful!



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