The 5 things you could be doing wrong on social media

Social media, it’s a funny thing, and I can assure you not one of us are doing it perfectly. So here are 5 most common things people get wrong, from celebrities to award winning marketing agencies.

1) Broadcasting over and over again. If you’re a marketing agency then it’s hard not to use social media as your broadcasting tool. Of course social media is a broadcasting tool but it is also a conversation starter. Every social media network has some elements of feedback so do not tire your audience by constantly broadcasting your latest deals and boring business lingo, focus on interaction because you may be talking to your next client.

2) Not responding to interaction. The purpose of social media is to communicate straight away, in real time, it’s not like sending a letter well it shouldn’t be anyway. However many reports show that up to 70% of brands are ignoring fan comments (if they ever do decide to reply it takes at least 24 hours – could’ve sent a letter really).

3) Forgetting to tweet, post and update. Many companies we have experienced jump at the idea of joining the social media world with their sparkly new Facebook page or Twitter. They’re posting everyday with new and exciting news…a couple of weeks later and the company are down to tweeting at least once a week which has turned their sparkly page into more of a ghost town. So get a content strategy in place, it’s better to have occasional boring tweets or posts than none at all.

4) Letting it take up all of your time. Many companies think social media is like looking after a baby constantly having to tweet/post and look after it… however many companies forget about management applications like Hootsuite and TweetDeck these will help you organise tweets and schedule them for times when you have more important stuff to do.

5) Expecting results straight away. Do not expect immediate results. Twitter, Facebook etc requires consistency and hard work (which can be cheated – as we know, thanks Hootsuite). More posts and interaction lead to more followers which makes your business known which will soon enough create results.

That’s if from me,