Top 5 ways to make your businesses website successful

Creating a website for your new business can be very daunting but then again creating a website for anything is daunting. People may hate what you like and you may hate what other people like. It’s a vicious circle so you’ve got to get it just right, especially when it comes to marketing.

These 5 pointers should help you create a website that you and everyone loves, it’s not as hard as it sounds, keep it simple!


1. Content is key. Relevant content and lots of it has proven successful, you can never have too much. Because let’s be honest no-one wants to visit a boring website which doesn’t help them understand you and your company, so offer them interesting and informative information that relates to your services or products. I don’t mean just write endless pages of writing about your dog.


2. Keep it up to date, fresh. Content is great as we’ve expressed above, but content from years ago… not so! Update it at least every week; you could update about the latest news or a new blog post anything relevant as long as it’s up to date and fresh!


3. Organise your website and structure it accordingly. If you want to know where the company is based create a header for “Find us”, if you want to know what they offer to you as a customer create a header for “Services”. It’s pretty simple, treat it as if you’re visiting a website and wanting to gain information what would you look under…


4. Style is very important, it creates your companies image to a possible customer. But when I say that I don’t mean add loads of flashing images and rainbow colours everywhere.  Keep it to your businesses colours, such as ours at PurpleFox which is purple and don’t forget to keep it simple and crisp it looks more professional!


5. Similar to style, is images. If you’re selling a product then professional looking photography is key.  No-one can look good with amateur looking images not even a multi-million pound company! But if you’re not selling anything then keep them relevant and professional.  Images of the brands you’re working with etc.


But that’s it from me. If you need any more help with creating your website or think that it’s all just too daunting we can create success proven websites for you. Give us a call today on 01635 48844 for a friendly chat or visit our website to see what else we offer



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