Maintain your social side!

While businesses are slowly but surely starting to creep onto the social side of the world some companies jump into it, and fail. Yes, you have a Facebook page, yes, you have a twitter account but updating it once a week is just as useless as not even having one. Your online presence needs to be 24/7 or at least during normal working hours.

At PurpleFox we’ve seen many useless tweeters and boring Facebook pages, but we’re in the 21st century and there are many applications and programs to help you with your online presence, especially if you’re worrying about the precious time it will take.

Hootsuite, is just one of the many social media management programs out there. AND it’s free! Or you can sign up for ‘Pro’ for £5/month allowing you to have extra social profiles, enhanced analytic reports, advanced message scheduling and up to 100,000 message archives. At PurpleFox feel the free version is perfect, and our twitter is the evidence, take a look!


But back to why Hootsuite is so handy, it lets you build your online presence by allowing you to schedule tweets for whenever you want and as many as you want! So you will always be tweeting… pretty handy aye? We think so! It’s also fast and easy to use so no time will be wasted. Oh and don’t forget you can use it to update your Facebook too!

So now all you’ve got to do is go and sign up for a Hootsuite account and start your path to a successful social media presence.

That’s it from me,



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