5 Best Practice Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and measureable channels for marketers of 2013. Email marketing is becoming more and more popular, due to the flying success it can add to your company and clients.

So I am going to provide you with what I think the 5 best tips for Email Marketing are!

1. The subject line: if you have read my previous posts you’ll understand how important it is to pick a meaningful and relevant subject line. Strategies that we have found to work in the past are things such as asking a rhetoric question or highlighting a benefit, however when doing this as previously stated in other blog posts you must not use words such as “free” or “sale” and stay away from using capital letters and exclamation marks as your email will be sent straight to the lonely spam folder! All that work gone!

2. Less is more: while you will want to include all your fantastic information about your company and all your fabulous offers… let’s be honest none of us like reading long long emails and especially don’t when we’re busy at work. That goes for pictures too, lots of pictures used in emails will not be displayed automatically and will have to be manually downloaded to see, so if they’re too busy to read all your text they’re certainly too busy to download the images too (even if it’s the best email header in the world!). So stray away from thousands of images and just stick to one or two, it’s been proven to be more successful and allows your company to convey the right message without any confusion.

3. Don’t use the colour red: Just look at how horrible, tacky and unprofessional the colour red looks. But also many spam filters will most likely block emails that use the colour red throughout their email which means again, all that work gone!

4. It must work on mobile devices: we’re the generation of mobile; nearly everything is being viewed on mobile. Emails are being checked on mobiles at least once a day every day, especially on lunch breaks, so it is important to make it readable and clear on mobile devices.  But you also have to deliver the same experience throughout, so if your email includes a call to action such as download a white paper, the receiver must be able to download it via mobile.

5. Test your emails: Every single audience is different. We don’t know if they’re viewing the emails on Mac, Windows, or Mobile etc so make sure it works for all. Also testing different subject lines and different times and days you can certainly be on the path to improving your email marketing campaigns to achieve higher open rates and click rates.

So why not change your ways today and see the success roll in – it’s priceless!

That’s it from me,



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