Understanding Blacklists…

Some people take email marketing to an extreme, emailing people up to ten times a day the same email again and again! Even if you are new to email marketing I think you’d understand that there is a limit. The world wide web of email marketing several years ago created a Blacklist for those who did not abide by ‘normal marketing’ and I’m going to explain to you what the big scary list is all about.

So if you’re sending out emails using your own broadcasting tool and/or through your own company server and receiving many spam complaints, chances are you’ll eventually end up on the blacklist and be blacklisted. (It all sounds so scary!)

Blacklisting is where your specific IP address is reported for sending out constant e-mail spam to people. However many legitimate senders get caught up in it along with the not so legitimate senders. Blacklisting stops the specific IP address from sending out emails which, if you are a company it could be very damaging to your business.

If you do get blacklisted due to many spam complaints it recommends that you contact the blacklist administrator to find out what the chances are of you being removed. In most cases, if you can provide evidence that you were not spamming and sending emails to persons who have requested to receive them; your IP address will likely be removed from the list.

However if you’re using a web-based email marketing service or tool, it is most likely the responsibility of the supplier to contact the blacklist administrator to make sure your IP address stays off the blacklist allowing you to still be able to send messages to your subscribers.

So if you’re a SPAMMER, you’re most likely to already be on the blacklist or if you’re thinking about starting an emailing campaign please bear in mind the advice.

However if you just want to stay protected against spam emails there are many online software’s to pick from:

  • Brightmail
  • SpamCop
  • Spamhaus

So ask yourself, are you sending out too many emails? If yes, then watch out. You don’t want to end up on the blacklist… it’s just unnecessary stress!

That’s it from me.



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