Our free email marketing trial, time is running out!


We often get asked for advice and tips on how to increase sales from our email marketing campaigns. The truth is there are so many things, that sometimes it’s hard to put my finger on one single thing. You see, different businesses need to send different messages to their specific markets, and then there’s data, different offers – the list goes on. To help you answer this question, we’ve put together an unbeatable email marketing offer.

For 24hrs we’re offering a 7-day free trial of our email marketing tool, 20,000 email credits plus free email consultancy.

Not convinced its for you, well don’t take our word for it! Chordiem have let us know their sales are up 20% on this time last year through our managed email marketing service. “It helps us track advertising performance, giving us the opportunity to contact relevant people at a relevant time for them, the data gained shows us trends of what is engaging the audience, and what makes them click through, which in turn helps us plan for the future. We’ve found when calling clients in general they are noticing the new professionally designed campaigns a lot more than our previous ‘in house’ efforts”.

Don’t let this offer pass you by! click here to download your voucher and more tips on email marketing.


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