Building your Email lists

Let’s be honest most people new to marketing wouldn’t know about list segmentations, or even building email lists or what it even means!! Most would just send out a whole new email campaign and hope for the best. However that’s not the case, email listing is the way forward for a successful campaign and a successful company.

Would you send an email advertising branding to a company with a brand already? No you wouldn’t, you would want to make a list stating all the small companies… which are less likely to have a brand. So dividing your data by interests is a good start because you want to appeal to the needs of your consumer, not shove them away with unnecessary information they don’t need.

Also another key segment is location, there are so many different time zones out there that if you just send one big email out at 11am in England in New York it would be 6am… and let’s be honest not many people are even up at that time and if they are they’re certainly not checking their emails.  So there are a lot of things to think about.

But there will be many different segments you could create for your Email lists such as the size of the company, its interests such as design rather than putting it together with medical and you also want to segment your lists by activity, such as recent subscribers, inactive subscribers and people who opened your email but did not click.

However mostly importantly selling and marketing is building a relationship with your consumers, build a rapport, a perfect way to do that is by sending triggered birthday emails to your consumers and it’s quick and easy collect the birthday data and put them into specific date segmentations.

Although it sounds rather time consuming and complicated, it’s certainly worth it. Studies showed that segmentation can help your email marketing by an overall 14% on your open and click rates.

So get up and start segmenting!

That’s it from me.



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