When to Email…

Today, tomorrow, later, in a minute, when should we send an email that guarantees an open?

When to send an email is actually probably one of the most important aspects to think about when marketing… believe it or not.  Because let’s be honest no-one wants to receive an email from some American in the early hours of Monday morning when everyone is trying to get to sleep for the busy week ahead. It would’ve been nice if that company had geographically sorted their emails wouldn’t it? instead of waking an angry, tired business man to the sound of pinging.

So there’s our first point. When to send an email, well first you need to sort your data, because you may well have some international data and its useless sending an email to someone when they’re asleep and especially useless waking them up in the early hours of the morning to your new promotion, they certainly won’t be responding to that email. So segment your lists by geographic locations so then you will be able to easily send messages at the most effective time.

However for all the non-international data, emailing business recipients and consumers are two different things. Businesses will only ever look at their emails within the working hours, i.e. 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday, however Monday’s can be a little iffy as most companies catch up on what they need to do by sitting in meetings for most of the day.

Consumers will be so busy that they will most likely look at their emails after work between 5pm and 8pm while watching EastEnders or Corrie, however they are more likely to pay attention on the weekends i.e. Friday-Sunday when they’re relaxed and basically… not at work.

But for the less busy people, i.e. not the managers, lunch time is a good time to send emails as people at work have their lunches between 12-2:30pm and as soon as it’s lunch time everyone whacks out their mobile phones, or sit in front of their desk and pop up their personal email to see what’s the latest on twitter.

So next time, think long and hard about when you need to send an email as it’s just as important as that subject line, as explained here: https://blog.purplefox.co.uk/2013/08/07/the-importance-of-email-subject-lines/

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That’s it from me.



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