The importance of Email Subject lines

Subject lines have always been something I’ve found quite difficult about emailing… when sending an important email to someone what do you want to say. You don’t want to say “Katie Dunn” they’re probably so important that they don’t even know your name yet and it doesn’t even explain what the email is about, hopefully “Katie Dunn” would come up in the From Name anyway… we hope, unless you’re using your Hotmail account from when you were 12 then it might be or something hideous.

So I’m going to talk you through what I know about Subject lines after many years experimenting with our email marketing for many customers. But please don’t blame me when no-one replies to your campaigns or boring messages talking about how you would love a job at a fancy company. I am no expert, I am still learning too.

–          First off, keep it simple and certainly not too long! Because let’s be honest who sits there reading their subject lines? I don’t, personally key words just jump out at me like fashion, sale, or bargain (I’d like to receive more emails on bargains…)

–          However try to stray away from things like thousands of exclamations or currency signs as those emails are more than likely going to be blocked by a spam filter. OH AND DON’T FORGET ‘FREE’!!!

–          When I said keep it simple, don’t take it too literal like. ‘Marketing tips’ or ‘Fashion tips’ as it doesn’t really provide much information to what the message is about at least put what month the message is for like “This autumn/winters fabulous fashion tips” or “This Augusts successfully proven Marketing tips”

–          Oh and also, keep the capital letters for your Facebook arguments, I don’t and I’m sure a professional doesn’t care how urgent your message is, just keep it in lower case, although the capitals probably wouldn’t make it past the professionals spam filter anyway.

–          Also think about what people will be reading your emails on, such as a mobile device, if the subject line is too long it won’t fit onto a mobiles screen. As when you’re reading emails on a mobile you have limited character space.

However it’s all really simple common sense. You want the recipient to open your email so write something quick, snappy and worth opening but bear in mind my tips – quick and snappy doesn’t mean “CLICK HERE FOR A FREE £10 NOTE!!”.  We just don’t want something long and dull, no-one likes long and dull, especially the spam filter.

That’s it from me.



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