Email marketing… what we really think.

Emailing marketing… the banes of our lives, or what I should say is the banes of our poor smartphones and computers. We are constantly bombarded with emails from things you didn’t even know or remember signing up to. It’s not like we all love to be woken up in the early hours of the morning to the sound of our phones vibrating notifying us on the latest software for your laptop, or how to make cupcakes while you scream to yourself “I DIDN’T EVEN SIGN UP FOR THESE EMAILS!!”

That’s how most people see email marketing, and I, myself were one of those people until I started working at PurpleFox. There’s a difference, there is email marketing and just pure bombardment of email spam on subjects that are not even worth emailing about.  Basically you just have to be clever about what you subscribe your email to.

However email marketing is a way of expressing the promotion of new products, offers, discounts and services in an email, based at attracting more clients and developing relationships with potential customers and/or clients for your company.

Here is an email, which, I must stress is exactly what is giving email marketing a bad name


Strangely enough this came up in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. 1) I’ve never heard of the Great British Survey and certainly have not given my email to them 2) I’ve researched their name into the internet and have found nothing at all on it. So basically it’s spam, random, unnecessary, pointless spam.

Whereas this email is a legitimate company that I have asked to be subscribed to which


is advertising as stated above either a new product, offer, discount or service, or even all of them… if you’re lucky!

As you can see there is a difference, there is a ‘company’ bombarding you with spam and there is a company trying to make money and gain more customers.

So if you want a high end, professional Email Marketing Service why not contact PurpleFox Marketing on 01635 48844 or visit the website: find out more about how we can benefit your company and gain you them vital customers.

Or if you have any questions or queries about email marketing and the differences there are out there then just leave a comment below! I’d be more than happy to ramble on about how much I hate spam or tell you how wonderful and professional PurpleFox Email Marketing strategies are.

That’s it from me.



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