Understanding Blacklists…

Some people take email marketing to an extreme, emailing people up to ten times a day the same email again and again! Even if you are new to email marketing I think you’d understand that there is a limit. The world wide web of email marketing several years ago created a Blacklist for those who did not abide by ‘normal marketing’ and I’m going to explain to you what the big scary list is all about.

So if you’re sending out emails using your own broadcasting tool and/or through your own company server and receiving many spam complaints, chances are you’ll eventually end up on the blacklist and be blacklisted. (It all sounds so scary!)

Blacklisting is where your specific IP address is reported for sending out constant e-mail spam to people. However many legitimate senders get caught up in it along with the not so legitimate senders. Blacklisting stops the specific IP address from sending out emails which, if you are a company it could be very damaging to your business.

If you do get blacklisted due to many spam complaints it recommends that you contact the blacklist administrator to find out what the chances are of you being removed. In most cases, if you can provide evidence that you were not spamming and sending emails to persons who have requested to receive them; your IP address will likely be removed from the list.

However if you’re using a web-based email marketing service or tool, it is most likely the responsibility of the supplier to contact the blacklist administrator to make sure your IP address stays off the blacklist allowing you to still be able to send messages to your subscribers.

So if you’re a SPAMMER, you’re most likely to already be on the blacklist or if you’re thinking about starting an emailing campaign please bear in mind the advice.

However if you just want to stay protected against spam emails there are many online software’s to pick from:

  • Brightmail
  • SpamCop
  • Spamhaus

So ask yourself, are you sending out too many emails? If yes, then watch out. You don’t want to end up on the blacklist… it’s just unnecessary stress!

That’s it from me.


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Building your Email lists

Let’s be honest most people new to marketing wouldn’t know about list segmentations, or even building email lists or what it even means!! Most would just send out a whole new email campaign and hope for the best. However that’s not the case, email listing is the way forward for a successful campaign and a successful company.

Would you send an email advertising branding to a company with a brand already? No you wouldn’t, you would want to make a list stating all the small companies… which are less likely to have a brand. So dividing your data by interests is a good start because you want to appeal to the needs of your consumer, not shove them away with unnecessary information they don’t need.

Also another key segment is location, there are so many different time zones out there that if you just send one big email out at 11am in England in New York it would be 6am… and let’s be honest not many people are even up at that time and if they are they’re certainly not checking their emails.  So there are a lot of things to think about.

But there will be many different segments you could create for your Email lists such as the size of the company, its interests such as design rather than putting it together with medical and you also want to segment your lists by activity, such as recent subscribers, inactive subscribers and people who opened your email but did not click.

However mostly importantly selling and marketing is building a relationship with your consumers, build a rapport, a perfect way to do that is by sending triggered birthday emails to your consumers and it’s quick and easy collect the birthday data and put them into specific date segmentations.

Although it sounds rather time consuming and complicated, it’s certainly worth it. Studies showed that segmentation can help your email marketing by an overall 14% on your open and click rates.

So get up and start segmenting!

That’s it from me.


We’re now on Facebook!

Look at us going up in the social media world. Today was the day that we made a Facebook page, so let us know what you think and definitely give it a visit or even a like!!

We will be posting all sorts up there from what is happening in the PurpleFox Office to latest Email campaigns and offers. So watch this space!!


When to Email…

Today, tomorrow, later, in a minute, when should we send an email that guarantees an open?

When to send an email is actually probably one of the most important aspects to think about when marketing… believe it or not.  Because let’s be honest no-one wants to receive an email from some American in the early hours of Monday morning when everyone is trying to get to sleep for the busy week ahead. It would’ve been nice if that company had geographically sorted their emails wouldn’t it? instead of waking an angry, tired business man to the sound of pinging.

So there’s our first point. When to send an email, well first you need to sort your data, because you may well have some international data and its useless sending an email to someone when they’re asleep and especially useless waking them up in the early hours of the morning to your new promotion, they certainly won’t be responding to that email. So segment your lists by geographic locations so then you will be able to easily send messages at the most effective time.

However for all the non-international data, emailing business recipients and consumers are two different things. Businesses will only ever look at their emails within the working hours, i.e. 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday, however Monday’s can be a little iffy as most companies catch up on what they need to do by sitting in meetings for most of the day.

Consumers will be so busy that they will most likely look at their emails after work between 5pm and 8pm while watching EastEnders or Corrie, however they are more likely to pay attention on the weekends i.e. Friday-Sunday when they’re relaxed and basically… not at work.

But for the less busy people, i.e. not the managers, lunch time is a good time to send emails as people at work have their lunches between 12-2:30pm and as soon as it’s lunch time everyone whacks out their mobile phones, or sit in front of their desk and pop up their personal email to see what’s the latest on twitter.

So next time, think long and hard about when you need to send an email as it’s just as important as that subject line, as explained here: https://blog.purplefox.co.uk/2013/08/07/the-importance-of-email-subject-lines/

To see what else PurpleFox are up to and the latest news check out our fabulous new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PurpleFoxMarketing

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The importance of Email Subject lines

Subject lines have always been something I’ve found quite difficult about emailing… when sending an important email to someone what do you want to say. You don’t want to say “Katie Dunn” they’re probably so important that they don’t even know your name yet and it doesn’t even explain what the email is about, hopefully “Katie Dunn” would come up in the From Name anyway… we hope, unless you’re using your Hotmail account from when you were 12 then it might be babigalkt_xox@hotmail.com or something hideous.

So I’m going to talk you through what I know about Subject lines after many years experimenting with our email marketing for many customers. But please don’t blame me when no-one replies to your campaigns or boring messages talking about how you would love a job at a fancy company. I am no expert, I am still learning too.

–          First off, keep it simple and certainly not too long! Because let’s be honest who sits there reading their subject lines? I don’t, personally key words just jump out at me like fashion, sale, or bargain (I’d like to receive more emails on bargains…)

–          However try to stray away from things like thousands of exclamations or currency signs as those emails are more than likely going to be blocked by a spam filter. OH AND DON’T FORGET ‘FREE’!!!

–          When I said keep it simple, don’t take it too literal like. ‘Marketing tips’ or ‘Fashion tips’ as it doesn’t really provide much information to what the message is about at least put what month the message is for like “This autumn/winters fabulous fashion tips” or “This Augusts successfully proven Marketing tips”

–          Oh and also, keep the capital letters for your Facebook arguments, I don’t and I’m sure a professional doesn’t care how urgent your message is, just keep it in lower case, although the capitals probably wouldn’t make it past the professionals spam filter anyway.

–          Also think about what people will be reading your emails on, such as a mobile device, if the subject line is too long it won’t fit onto a mobiles screen. As when you’re reading emails on a mobile you have limited character space.

However it’s all really simple common sense. You want the recipient to open your email so write something quick, snappy and worth opening but bear in mind my tips – quick and snappy doesn’t mean “CLICK HERE FOR A FREE £10 NOTE!!”.  We just don’t want something long and dull, no-one likes long and dull, especially the spam filter.

That’s it from me.