Why you need a blog…

Blogging, when you say blogging you suddenly think of 13 year old blogging about their day at school or a fashion obsessed teenager talking about clothes. But blogging goes much further than that, much deeper and technological.  Blogging is a way of expressing unique opinions, it’s a way of expressing newly found crazes and it’s a way of expressing a company in a quirky light-hearted manner.  Showing that yes, companies do have personalities… we’re not all boring souls that sit in stuffy little offices moaning about what we have for lunch.

So I’m going to talk you through why blogging isn’t totally useless… in this blog, oh the irony!

1)      Thousands of people own a blog themselves

2)      Thousands of people visit other blogs

3)      Blogs are free, that means free advertising (such as advertising your company!!)

4)      Blogging allows your company to grow a light-hearted personality, rather than a serious boring attitude, it makes customers want to read more

5)      It’s easy, quick and anyone can access it

6)      Blogging allows you to directly contact/speak to your customers, or (new) possible customers

7)      Anything and everything can be blogged about

8)      It’s fashionable, which makes your company look young and exciting

9)      It can be shared across the internet (such as the post being liked on Facebook or shared by another blogger)

10)   And finally it’s creates a community

However most people would categorise company blogging into plain corporate blogging, which can be seen as dull, drab and just strictly business speak.  However external blogging (which I have been explaining) allows the creative juices of your company to start building. It allows all employees to partake in discussion, such as speaking about new products and responding to public questions or criticisms. You could be thinking by now, well this is just a press release she’s talking about? But no, external blogging is treated more informally, it builds a side to a company no-one knew/knows about.

And if you still don’t believe me try checking out some of these fantastically diverse blogs:




That’s it from me.



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