Don’t have the time for marketing!

How many prospects have you contacted that say they are so busy focusing on immediate business that they either don’t need or don’t have time for marketing? Obviously being a marketing agency this response gives us an opportunity to discuss why a companies busy time is the best time to invest in marketing.

Revenue is up

Marketing costs money. In-house marketing or working with an outsourced agency is going to take investment. Therefore, the time to make the initial investment is when revenue is up. Otherwise when revenue is down 3 months later you’ll be complaining you need new business but you can’t afford to pay for any marketing campaigns.

Marketing takes time

We usually see a cycle of about 3 months before lead generation really starts to take off for our clients. Doesn’t it make sense to put the campaign in place now so you can start seeing the benefits later when things slow down for your business?

Busy times lead to great content

A good marketing campaign relies heavily on quality content, blogs, ebooks, white papers, case studies. Your busy time is the perfect time to capture case studies, gather client testimonials, include calls to action with customer transactions, analyse website traffic, generate blog ideas, and build your database. This helps you create a strong foundation of content that will support your campaigns later.

Being busy is great. But as you can see, if you look 3 – 6 months down the road you might need to evaluate the timing of your marketing investments.

The important thing is to have the foresight to plan ahead…


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