Top Tips for Email Marketing

This is the first part of our Email Marketing guide for marketer’s and business owners.

1. Only send emails to people who have requested to receive them – they have opted-in.

2. Only include content relevant to the type of content the person has requested.

3. Be consistent with your sending frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and stick to that schedule.

4. Business to business emails receive higher response rates if sent Tuesday through Thursday. We’ve found the best times of day to send them are around 9.30am or just after lunch around 1.30pm. It’s best to avoid sending business to business emails after 4pm or on weekends.

5. It’s best to send business to consumer emails between 5pm and 8pm Tuesday through Thursday or betweekn Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

6. To improve deliverability, add a message at the top of your emails that say something like “To ensure receipt of our emails, please add (our email address) to your Address Book.

7. Make the From Name for your email messages either your company name or the contact name of a person at your company. Receipients will decide in a split second as to whether they want to open your email.

8. Do we need a plain text version of our HTML. Plain text messages have zero impact on your inbox placement rate. Lots of factors weigh in on your ability to get into the inbox (as opposed to the spam or bulk folders) – domain reputation, IP reputation, content – but whether your email is HTML versus plain text isn’t one of them.

9. Don’t use all caps or multiple exclamation marks within your subject line or body. This will trigger SPAM filters.

10. Build your list of contacts at every opportunity. We ask our retail clients to collect data with a sign-up form at the point of sale. At conferences and events if you don’t have a scanner, print out sign-up forms and collect business cards. Add a newsletter or sign-up form to your website.

Want more information on Email Marketing check out this: Email marketing

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