PurpleFox Westie Latest Pic


The PurpleFox dog (and newest employee) is now 4 weeks old, and is running about all over the place, and has found his little voice and barking.  He is very bold and loves playing, which is very good news as the PurpleFox staff have been buying different variations of squeaky toys for the past couple of weeks!


Top Dog Joins PurpleFox

photoIt’s been quite an exciting week at PurpleFox Marketing with a new addition to the team. 

Last July we sadly lost the PurpleFox office dog, friend and companion after 14 years.  For the past six months it’s been very quiet, we’ve had no walking, no chasing or fetching sticks, no treats, and we didn’t go to the firework display this year – Yes the PurpleFox dog loved fireworks! 

This weekend our Managing Director Louise took a quick trip-up to Doncaster to meet Claire and her West Highland White Terrier Phoebe.  Phoebe delivered a litter of eight West Highland White Terriers pups – and this is a photo of Blue our new office companion!  

Blue because he is wearing a little blue collar is two weeks old and opened his eyes yesterday.  He starts with PurpleFox on the 5th January and clicker training on the 6th January 2013.