Are you Tweeting with purpose?

The vast majority of businesses who signed in to Twitter don’t use it frequently, or at all.  If you haven’t been on Twitter for a week, you could be missing out not only on the conversation but on potential leads.  Customers and potential customers on Twitter expect a swift response.  The most important element of Twitter is to ensure that you show-up regularly – make it part of your daily routine.

Who should you follow?

Twitter allows you to build relationships.  In order to build relationships, you first need to find some people to build those relationship with.  In the beginning this can be quite challenging, so why not start here with us at @PurpleFoxMktg.  We are building our list of followers and have many businesses in different sectors.  We started our Twitter strategy by searching for people with like minded interests and the vast majority of people followed us back.

The importance of follow back

The start of a relationship on Twitter is when you are following someone who is also following you.  You can then both see each other’s tweets and send each other direct messages.  You don’t have to follow everyone back, just make sure you check who’s followed you and have some rules about who you will follow back.

Listen to the conversation

Spend at least 10 minutes every day reading your timeline, look for content that is of interest to you, new people to follow or people you can engage with and help.   Share content which you think will be of interest to your followers and respond to tweets where you can add value.

Your Tweet strategy

Before you start tweeting you need to think about what you are trying to achieve with your tweet.  What do you want the reader to think, feel or do as a result of your tweet?  Do you want people to reply, retweet or click on your website?  Are you looking to increase awareness of what you do, demonstrate your knowledge or just appear human or helpful!

Many businesses make the mistake and believe Twitter is an advertising channel and broadcast their marketing messages in the hope that someone will see it and want to buy.  Twitter is all about relationships and the way to build relationships is to engage in conversation.

Twitter generosity

By re-tweeting your message to a new and potentially very large audience.  If you re-tweet you become known as a helpful person on Twitter, your generosity will be repaid!

Create target lists

As your Twitter account grows, your timeline can become so large it becomes unmanageable.  It can be difficult to know who to engage with and who to build a relationship with.  This is where Twitter’s list facility comes in.  Create lists based on people you find who are particularly useful to you or who you are trying to build a relationship with.

Measure and review

Most businesses believe the number of followers is a sufficient measure of success of the Twitter, however, you also need to be looking at interaction with your followers, re-tweets of your tweets and hits to your website.  Track the tweets that are most effective in generating a response and test new ideas to see what works. 


After a short time, you will start to find you are following significantly more people than are following you.  As your account grows this may cause a problem as you want to follow more people.  If someone is not following you back, you will not be able to establish a relationship with them so there is little point in following them.  If you follow people who are broadcasting all day and their tweets are uninteresting, again they will be of little value to you. The opposite is people who are inactive.  To find out more information the tool we use is and this will help you clean-up.

For more information please see our social media optimisation or our social media services.


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