Discover how B2B social media marketing can help grow your business

Social MediaWe’ve all attended social media courses that seemed to have a great agenda but when we got there they focused solely on e-commerce websites and a B2C audience. 

Based upon these bad experiences PurpleFox has brought together some of the most experienced social media, copy writing and online marketing experts to deliver for you a bespoke B2B social media workshop. 

How it works – We will work with you to deliver real-life social media campaign examples.  You will learn the social media basics, the tips, tricks and how-to’s.  You will learn how to use social media for brand building, how to socialise with a B2B audience; and how to use social media to improve sales.

What you will get from the workshop:

  • You will be able to create a successful social media strategy that integrates with your existing marketing activity and messages
  • You will set-up your social media networks and learn about the tools available to make short-cuts and save time
  • You will learn how to how to use the different social media networks to most effect, create a buzz and how respond to tweets and comments
  • Learn how social media can produce a funnel to drive leads to your business

The workshop will consist of 4 hours practical learning and will answer these important questions:

  • What are the benefits of marketing on social networks
  • How to manage your presence and pages
  • How to identify what networks and groups to join and run
  • How to win opportunities from competitors
  • How to manage content, messages and who and what to post
  • How to use social media to increase traffic to your website
  • How to promote ‘Thought Leadership’ programmes via social media
  • How to keep contact with existing customers

For more information please click here or contact Louise on 01635 48844


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