Vacancy for Part-Time Telemarketer/Appointment Setter

Digital Design Agency, NewburyPurpleFox Marketing is a young and growing digital design and marketing agency based in Newbury, Berkshire.  We have recently moved into new offices in Newbury town centre and are looking to expand our small growing team.   

We are looking to employ a part-time telemarketer/appointment setter to generate and set appointments for our sales team.   This is a fantastic opportunity to work in a really nice, friendly team environment, where everything is clean and new.  Our standards are very high.


The role will be to follow-up both warm and cold leads which are generated by the marketing team from email marketing campaigns, events and seminar attendance and our opt-in database.

  • Self-generate appointments from our extensive database
  • Previous proven telemarketing experience (preferably within the marketing agency market)
  • Proven telephone skills and a good telephone manner
  • Excellent inter-personal skills and an ability to  ‘engage’ with prospects
  • Self-motivated with ability to understand digital marketing terminology and services
  • Process incoming telephone and website enquiries
  • Database updating
  • Good written and communicating skills
  • Presentable, punctual & professional
  • An aptitude to learn

 Other matters:

  • Days of work: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Hours: 09.30am to 15.30pm
  • Salary: £8 per hour

For further information about the company, please visit

Please send your CV to or phone T: 01635-48844

Why pay for a professional photographer to enhance marketing materials?

All businesses are struggling to deal with increased costs and cash-strapped customers, but this is not the time to cut back on a marketing budget.  Remember that an effective marketing campaign will increase the number of customers requesting your services in the future, and by reducing your marketing you may risk losing customers who don’t know what services you offer or even if you exist at all.

The other objection we encounter often is that most people now own their own camera – often a very good one and they decide to take their own photographs for websites and marketing.  This may be an effective way to cut costs, however it is important that the images you show on your website are of top quality – poor quality images will give the wrong impression to visiting clients. 

A good photograph looks professional and shows that you care about your product and business. Don’t risk putting your customers off with a bland image! 

Talk to PurpleFox who can put you in contact with a professional marketing photographer today.

Social Media Marketing Seminar: Getting the basics right

Date: Thursday 27th September 2012 or Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Time: 10am – 12 noon          Venue: Donnington Valley Country Club, Newbury 

Have you heard all the hype about social media followers, likes and fan pages but don’t know where to start?

Following popular demand, PurpleFox Marketing is hosting a seminar looking at best practice social media marketing techniques for those new to the world of social media in business.

This informative seminar, led by experts in online content, social media marketing and SEO, will focus on the key social media networks and how to get the most out of social media marketing for your business.

Why you should attend

  • The Social Media Landscape – Overview of the key social media networks, the benefits they offer and recommended best practice techniques
  • Social Listening – Learn from competitor activities and monitor customer perception
  • Content is King and Consistency is Queen – Engage in conversation with a content drive strategy.  Examples of getting it right and getting it wrong
  • Influencer Outreach – Identify influencers and building a relevant community
  • Social Media ROI – Monitor social media marketing success to maximise the ROI
  • Case Study – Learn how Fire’s Little Helper went global using Twitter

Who should attend

This seminar is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses that are either new to social media marketing in business or need help refining their existing strategy.  The key learning points covered in this seminar are essential for business owners, marketing heads and anyone responsible for social media marketing.

How to register

Time: 10am – 12 noon      Venue: Donnington Valley Country Club, Newbury (click here for map and directions)

Price: £125 +VAT

For any further information on this seminar you can contact Louise on Tel: 01635-48844 or complete the registration form below.  These seminars are limited to a maximum of 15 delegates so please book now to avoid disappointment.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Are you Tweeting with purpose?

The vast majority of businesses who signed in to Twitter don’t use it frequently, or at all.  If you haven’t been on Twitter for a week, you could be missing out not only on the conversation but on potential leads.  Customers and potential customers on Twitter expect a swift response.  The most important element of Twitter is to ensure that you show-up regularly – make it part of your daily routine.

Who should you follow?

Twitter allows you to build relationships.  In order to build relationships, you first need to find some people to build those relationship with.  In the beginning this can be quite challenging, so why not start here with us at @PurpleFoxMktg.  We are building our list of followers and have many businesses in different sectors.  We started our Twitter strategy by searching for people with like minded interests and the vast majority of people followed us back.

The importance of follow back

The start of a relationship on Twitter is when you are following someone who is also following you.  You can then both see each other’s tweets and send each other direct messages.  You don’t have to follow everyone back, just make sure you check who’s followed you and have some rules about who you will follow back.

Listen to the conversation

Spend at least 10 minutes every day reading your timeline, look for content that is of interest to you, new people to follow or people you can engage with and help.   Share content which you think will be of interest to your followers and respond to tweets where you can add value.

Your Tweet strategy

Before you start tweeting you need to think about what you are trying to achieve with your tweet.  What do you want the reader to think, feel or do as a result of your tweet?  Do you want people to reply, retweet or click on your website?  Are you looking to increase awareness of what you do, demonstrate your knowledge or just appear human or helpful!

Many businesses make the mistake and believe Twitter is an advertising channel and broadcast their marketing messages in the hope that someone will see it and want to buy.  Twitter is all about relationships and the way to build relationships is to engage in conversation.

Twitter generosity

By re-tweeting your message to a new and potentially very large audience.  If you re-tweet you become known as a helpful person on Twitter, your generosity will be repaid!

Create target lists

As your Twitter account grows, your timeline can become so large it becomes unmanageable.  It can be difficult to know who to engage with and who to build a relationship with.  This is where Twitter’s list facility comes in.  Create lists based on people you find who are particularly useful to you or who you are trying to build a relationship with.

Measure and review

Most businesses believe the number of followers is a sufficient measure of success of the Twitter, however, you also need to be looking at interaction with your followers, re-tweets of your tweets and hits to your website.  Track the tweets that are most effective in generating a response and test new ideas to see what works. 


After a short time, you will start to find you are following significantly more people than are following you.  As your account grows this may cause a problem as you want to follow more people.  If someone is not following you back, you will not be able to establish a relationship with them so there is little point in following them.  If you follow people who are broadcasting all day and their tweets are uninteresting, again they will be of little value to you. The opposite is people who are inactive.  To find out more information the tool we use is and this will help you clean-up.

For more information please see our social media optimisation or our social media services.

Can you afford not to use a professional photographer?

Lolly LolliesAs cameras grow in digital sophistication it is becoming easier for everyone to get pleasing results for apparently little cost. However, using an amateur to take an important picture can be a false economy. The impact a professionally taken image has on a client’s market is far stronger than that of a quickly grabbed snap from a digital camera. Professional photography will sell your product or your company, amateur photography will not.

Photographers are not just technicians. A professional understands how to capture images that are right for a client’s business and convey the message required. Their experience enables them to obtain successful results in any situation. It is as important for the photographer as it is you that the images are right for your business and convey the message you require. As a proportion of your media/print budget, the cost of getting the original imagery as good as it can be is tiny.

When commissioning a photographer the images they produce will be exclusive to you. Images bought from a photographic library will only be exclusive for the specific area you have bought a licence for. Unless you negotiate an exclusive deal with the library other companies will be able to licence the same image and use it for their own products or company. Negotiating exclusivity with a library is often more expensive than commissioning a photographer.

Photo by Catherine of Creative Commercial Photography

Discover how B2B social media marketing can help grow your business

Social MediaWe’ve all attended social media courses that seemed to have a great agenda but when we got there they focused solely on e-commerce websites and a B2C audience. 

Based upon these bad experiences PurpleFox has brought together some of the most experienced social media, copy writing and online marketing experts to deliver for you a bespoke B2B social media workshop. 

How it works – We will work with you to deliver real-life social media campaign examples.  You will learn the social media basics, the tips, tricks and how-to’s.  You will learn how to use social media for brand building, how to socialise with a B2B audience; and how to use social media to improve sales.

What you will get from the workshop:

  • You will be able to create a successful social media strategy that integrates with your existing marketing activity and messages
  • You will set-up your social media networks and learn about the tools available to make short-cuts and save time
  • You will learn how to how to use the different social media networks to most effect, create a buzz and how respond to tweets and comments
  • Learn how social media can produce a funnel to drive leads to your business

The workshop will consist of 4 hours practical learning and will answer these important questions:

  • What are the benefits of marketing on social networks
  • How to manage your presence and pages
  • How to identify what networks and groups to join and run
  • How to win opportunities from competitors
  • How to manage content, messages and who and what to post
  • How to use social media to increase traffic to your website
  • How to promote ‘Thought Leadership’ programmes via social media
  • How to keep contact with existing customers

For more information please click here or contact Louise on 01635 48844